Green Initiative / Social Responsibility

‘Go Green’, is always our priority and encouraged daily practice in our corporate culture environment.

The Company’s ideology always believing in supplying our packaging products with environmental and health conscience practices, therefore, new and clean material, compostable, and biodegradable of packaging material are our priority supplies to help build a greener world, and most important, is to bring variety of safer and cleaner packaging product for our food supplying partners and other supporting industries, that means YOU – our valued customers.    
Furthermore, at ‘medtrapak’, we always find ways to minimize packaging wastage, and encourage our staffs and our value customers to reuse / recycle the used packaging materials.


Some of our efforts are as follows:
 1. We use less paper but thinner and stronger plastic film for bulk packaging.

  1. Reuse / Recycle boxes for other bulk packaging.
  2. Selection and Collection of clean packaging (non-food packaging) from our customers for reuse purposes.
  3. Reuse boxes for office stationery storage.
  4. Using clean recyclable carrier bags.
  5. Others…