Why Purchasing Paper Soup Containers Is Beneficial For Your Business?

After doing all the hard work for preparing delicious soup, you want to serve it to people in an appropriate container. Serving food to the customers in low quality and flimsy cutlery will harm your brand image. There are certain misconceptions about serving liquid food in paper utensils that it leads to leakage, which is […]

Things to Consider While Purchasing Takeaway Plastic Containers

If you own a food truck, café or restaurant, you know that many customers order takeaways. Mostly there are complains about the containers soaking up the liquid sauces that create a mess and dirties up their hands and clothes. No matter how tasty the food is. Poor packaging will lead to dissatisfaction among customers. For […]

Tips for Finding a Reliable Supplier of Food Grade Paper Containers in Singapore

With the movement to go green and promotion of using ecofriendly products, paper containers have gained a lot of popularity. If you own a food truck or have a restaurant business in Singapore, you must be looking for paper packages for serving food and delivery. Since it is of regular use, you need to find […]

Why your Restaurant Business should switch to Paper Food Packaging in Singapore?

Over the years, Singaporeans have become more environmentally conscious. Many restaurant businesses are transitioning towards paper packaging for their food items as it is safer and economical. It is designed to be less bulky and made with the recyclable materials. If you are doubtful about switching to paper packaging, consider these reasons: Improvement in the […]