Sustainability in Packaging: What Does It Mean?

From sustainable tourism to sustainable packaging, modern trends are gearing up like nothing else. Today, it has become a new norm; more and more industries are moving towards sustainability when it comes to product packaging. Since modern industries have advanced capabilities and approaches, they can easily move towards sustainable models by revising their packaging portfolios.

  • Global packaging industry:

We all know that global packaging industry always enjoy growth, and it is now shifting its focus and embracing paper rather than plastic because plastic is not only polluting the environment but also human-being in many ways.

  • It is very difficult to recycle plastic:

According to a survey, it is very difficult to recycle plastic due to its extensive usage. It is not only a challenge for the economies, but also for industries. That is why in order to handle this critical challenge, it is more than important to move towards paper-based packaging, which can significantly reduce the pollution.

Fact – Governments, on all continents, have responded to public concerns regarding packaging waste, especially single-use packaging waste, and are implementing regulations to both minimize environmental waste and improve waste management processes. (Mckinsey).

  • Eco-friendly paper products are in high demand:

That is why eco-friendly paper products are in high demand. They are suitable for a wide range of products. They are safe, economical and easy to use. They can handle weight and are ideal for daily use.

Unquestionably, paper packing is easy to dispose off after use. Since is does not cause any health hazard, it is ideal for pacing a wide range of food items. Besides all these things, it can easily be thrown away.

The bottom line

According to some experts, eco-friendly paper products are bio-degradable and hence easily falls under the norms of being eco friendly. Indeed, industries are using eco-friendly paper products for the packaging for bakery products because they are safe and effective. Hence, we can say that paper-based products are highly sustainable.

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