The Skill of Packaging and Packing

In these modern times, there not a single day when we do not consciously or unconsciously use packed food items or beverages in some way or the other. The packaging industry has changed our life style and redefined our food and travel habits. But just as simple the use of these packed food items appears, the job of the packaging industries is not so simple and easy. They have to follow certain strict protocols and rules and regulations to deliver top class service and remain in business professionally and legally.

There are many types of material used in food grade packaging to preserve food for a longer time. A careful choice has to made to ensure that the packaging material does not react with the food to cause decay. Different types of food items may need different type of packaging material for longevity.

Plastics, food grade polyethene, metals, glass, Cardboards, wood, paper, foils, transparent wraps, etc are some of the commonly used material for packing the food items. The packaging industries have to adequate care to pack the food according to time period for which it has been packed. For example, a pizza to delivered within half an hour will be packed in a cardboard box and delivered by hand. But a pack of frozen peas will be packed in thick polythene bag and sealed well to be frozen in the freezer for longer shelf life. A cold drink will be packed in a bottle and sealed to make it leak proof. In the same way, online orders are packed carefully to ensure safe and secure transit of the food item. But amidst all these a lot of stress is laid on eco-friendly packaging material to ensure that the environment is not harmed. The government also has passed certain laws and regulation regarding the use of packaging materials to conserve the environment.

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