Tips for Finding a Reliable Supplier of Food Grade Paper Containers in Singapore

With the movement to go green and promotion of using ecofriendly products, paper containers have gained a lot of popularity. If you own a food truck or have a restaurant business in Singapore, you must be looking for paper packages for serving food and delivery. Since it is of regular use, you need to find a reliable supplier of food grade paper containers in Singapore.

Here some tips to follow:

  • Check the credentials:
    Firstly, research the legitimacy of the supplier. Make sure he has all the necessary approvals and documentation for selling food grade paper containers in Singapore. Don’t associate with one having the reputation of indulging in illegal practices such as selling fake food packages claimed to be made with paper.
  • Look into the clientele:
    If the supplier has well known and popular clients, it means he provides quality products. No big establishment will associate with the one who is providing inferior container.
  • Look at the previous work:
    Go through their websites and have a glimpse at the variety. Check out the designs and aesthetics. It should be creative and eye-catching. Ask the clients whether they liked patterns and colour scheme. You can even read the reviews to have insight regarding the products offered by him. If there are complaints regarding the container getting soggy and susceptible to heat, don’t make the purchase.
  • Enquire price:
    Ask about the rates charged by him for the container. Compare the price imposed by different suppliers to get the idea about market price. Enquire about any discount or special offers on bulk purchase to get the best deal.
  • Ask for samples:
    You don’t want to get unwanted surprised after giving an order to the supplier. There have been instances there was a difference between the one shown on the website and the one delivered.

Adhere to these points so that you will be able to find a trustworthy supplier of food grade paper containers in Singapore.

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