Why is Glass the Most Common Material for Packaging Food?

Glass is without fail the most used material for storing food items. If you are thinking of starting a business of food packaging and storing containers, look out for the wholesalers in your area for glass containers and bottles. You can find some good options for glass bottles wholesale in Singapore and can also find containers of different shapes and sizes for home and business use.

Why glass is the most used material for containers?

There are several storage options when it comes to the material used in it. however, glass is the most common and most demanded material used. 

Here are some reasons why glass is favored over any other material.

  • Glass is the most eco-friendly material for food packaging.
  • Glass bottles are great to store any liquid as glass does not react to any chemical. The integrity of the liquid or the solid is maintained in a glass container.
  • It is easy to clean glass items as they don’t have pores. The colour, shape, and size remain the same even after years of usage. You just need to wash it with soap water and you can boil a bottle to sterilize it properly.
  • Glass bottles can be kept in the refrigerator or used as a double boiler. There is no toxic chemical released by any glass utensil with the temperature change.
  • There is some beautiful glassware you can keep at your home. Glass can be moulded to create various designs. You can find glass bottles wholesale in Singapore in various designs and colours.

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