Why your Restaurant Business should switch to Paper Food Packaging in Singapore?

Over the years, Singaporeans have become more environmentally conscious. Many restaurant businesses are transitioning towards paper packaging for their food items as it is safer and economical. It is designed to be less bulky and made with the recyclable materials. If you are doubtful about switching to paper packaging, consider these reasons: Improvement in the […]

4 Most Effective Uses of Plastic Containers

Packaging companies in Singapore have started taking a green turn by introducing innovative and eco-friendly packaging solutions for their various clients scattered in different sectors all over the globe. Many people believe that environment-friendly packaging does not include plastic, but they are wrong! Plastic comes in different densities, some of which are very harmful to […]

Tailor-Made Eco-Friendly Packaging

The packaging is one such operational activity that covers almost all sectors and industries of an economy. Although it covers only a minor segment of the overall distribution of functions related to operating any business; packaging holds a vital role when it comes to contributing to environmental sustainability and development. With the increased awareness about […]

Material Knowledge – Plastic Type

LOW DENSITY POLYETHYLENE (LDPE) LDPE is generally less chemical resistance than HDPE but with greater flexibility for squeezing function. It is relatively more translucent than HDPE. Product Applications Bottle cap, Lid, Small blow bottle, houseware Characteristics High strength and stress cracking resistance. Low heat resistance. Poor resistance to acid and chemicals. Above material information provided […]